Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lots of Pencils & Dirty Looks

Despite the wicked heat lying and saying that it is nearing mid-summer, it is a new season.... back to school season.   While I definitely am passionate about education, I am completely unready to be back in one time zone.  Hence this year's theme.... "Learning Takes You Places."

The pictures were taken a couple weeks ago before the littles came.
So, yes, I am aware that the room isn't as important as instruction, but..... well.... yeah, whatever.  
*Class Library waiting to be explored*

*The organization station's new rules* 
*Yoga Center & a Spot in the Research Zone* 
*The writing zone* 
*Waiting for the littles to arrive* 

Bring it on 2014/15, bring it on.
(& yeah... the days off, 3 day weekends, & breaks have already been highlighted on the calendar) 

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