Sunday, March 1, 2015

Of Snowy Hallways and Trolls Feet

Every year, the school's PTA sponsors Literature Night, wherein parents volunteer to decorate a room in accordance to the theme of the shindig. The idea is to encourage kiddos to love books and reading by making them come alive.  This year, my team opted to do a room hallway. 
Following with the theme, Here Comes Trouble, we chose to recreate Jan Brett's wintery classics. 
If  you aren't  acquainted with Jan Brett's Svenska inspired northern tales, they're delightful.
Photo booths, winter forests, new troll names...
obstactle courses, nature tables, troll hats, and faerie houses...
Trolls are for tipping and running away from.
After asked if I'll be doing this again next year....

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  1. This is amazing! You are so good at projects like this. Such a creative woman. You make very cute trolls, too.