Monday, May 4, 2015

"Wooly, wooly, What's His Name"... again

The sounding gun for festival season sounds an awful like the bleeting of our wooled friends.  
Joining forces with a slew of other ridiculous first of May fetes 
(several of which were postponed d/t the sadness in B'More this week),
Sheep & Wool Fest always brings joyance.
We're the ones who, year after year, travel to different Wooly Animal Fests to take classes, attend lectures, and learn the shepherding ways.  
Fascinated, as always, by the dogs who guide the sheeps and the sheeps who disguise as dogs to parade around the ring. 

We were the ones giggling at the obscene amount of yarn bombing along the entrance. 
I think between the MD Sheep & Wool Fest (like this one) & the other Fiber Fests we've gone to, this year's classes and spectacles were number 30.  Happy 30th, strange obsession!

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