Sunday, January 10, 2016

As for its Namesake

We're the ones who drive 3 hours to explore old doors and jail cells.  
This is Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. 
Nestled in the Poconos, Jim Thorpe is essentially perfect; filled with old charm, spooky stories and doors that lead to nowhere. 
The top left photo is a door in the side of the mountain...
An eerie tour  through the old jail and past the gallows  is deemed a necessity and is well worth dealing with the creepy guide and wax figures.  You'll be warned  the old fortress  is teeming with spirits.  Sure there were some orbs in the photos taken in the dusty rooms, so you be the judge. 
Coffee shops blend with odditoriums amidst the church towers and antique shoppes. 
Jim Thorpe was an amazing athlete and Olympian in the early 20th century.   As a Native American confined to 'Indian Boarding Schools' and then segregated college (in Carlisle Pennsylvania), Thorpe had to overcome immense racial prejudice to participate in the athletics he did.  As for his personal life, its filled with a ton of soap opera-esque speculation, dissertion, and addiction... read about him. 
Here, it seems as though time has stopped for years. 
Church and sign are unrelated. 
Stark trees and grey skies outline the vibrant buildings. 
A favourite pasttime is venturing into old mansions turned museums.   Not one for  overly ostentatious decorations, I was surprised to fall in love with this chandelier-- deciding I'll have a mini- twin in my next place. 

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  1. I love to look for different and beautiful doors to draw! Some of these look lovely! (Not so sure about the jail...creepy for sure.) Thanks for sharing these pics! I remember seeing a movie on Jim Thorpe. Didn't know there was a town by that name... Pam, apples of gold,