Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Grimey Soapbox

Most of us have convictions and ideals.  Sometimes the messages are pertinent and we feel that we simply must share them...

Now, I like radical thinking...
Radical thinking is what lead to slavery being abolished and women having the right to vote...

But, the messages of the "new radical" are growing more and more exasperating.  
I guess its no secret amongst my friends that I lean more left than right in a political discussion or on a ballot, but truthfully, I'm a dualist... I can appreciate some of the ideals of the conservative party, but I cannot handle this hate-filled rhetoric that is ambushing my news!

These messages bring to mind the stereotype of an ignorant, uneducated redneck, spewing nonsensical hate...
Obviously, the way to fight oppressive regimes is with... with... oppression, right? 

Hey! I guess it's suiting if  over-bearing, staunchy people want to walk around with tea-bags hitting their face, right? Right?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

May I Present to You... II

With autumn steadily approaching, the air is growing chill and calm.  May I present to you some equally chill and calm sounds.

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins has been one of my favorites for awhile. (If you like it, check out Rilo Kiley, her newer band.)

Basia Bulat is slightly reminiscient of sounds mom used to play while I was growing up.

1...2....3...4... Feist is always welcomed noise.