Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hanged on the Mantle with Care

DIY Vintage Christmas.... 1
I needed new stockings...
My old knit ones are cute, but they just don't fit with what I have going on in here....

Burlap with trip from vintage cream hankies, vintage buttons, and floral brooches.
 Simply stitched quickly on the machine.

Friday, November 25, 2011


Oh, November Challenge?? I do remember saying something about that....

Oi Vey!

So, my daily challenge did NOT happen... but as a positive effect of acknowledging the need to be more grateful, I was in fact more reflective and contemplative regarding my many, many blessings.  They're innumerable for sure. 

Of course, today is the day where its actually socially acceptable to:
A. display Christmas things
B. act like a complete maniac while shopping

so YAY.
((I would like to say that I waited to put up my Christmas decorations, that my tree didn't go up until today or even that I was waiting for Tree Day tomorrow... but that's a lie.  Christmas has been developing in our little home for the last month!  I guess I was bit by the Christmas Spirit after Hallowe'en when at Hobby Lobby {for the 1/2 off Fall decor, of course} I noticed that the Christmas everything was also 1/2 off... yadda, yadda, yadda Hallowe'en came down, Christmas went up))

Its the end of 2011 and everyone is reflecting on the year....
in Blog Reflection I'll say this....
The sweet e-mails I get from readers (what, people are reading my thoughts?  amazing!) are so encouraging that I have to keep going.....

Soon, I will be re-vamping the site, making resolutions for more giveaways, more DIY posts (since that is my life), and more tips for a new vintage life. 

As for the month leading up to Christmas, I'll be posting, well... about Christmas!  not daily, not scheduled, just as I do it, I'll share it!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 22.... Recap part Deux

Today, I'm thankful for...
friends who are like family and family who are friends.

I'm grateful to have technology, like phones and computers, to keep in touch with my people.

I'm pleased with nature.... the cold, the rain, the mud, the trees, and the birds.  I'm thankful for the crisp air I breathe and for the feeling of rain on my face.

I'm thankful for creativity and originality and so happy that those who are closest to me are proud to be different.

I'm glad to have freedom of thought and ability to move as I please.

I'm also grateful that I'm not responsible for anything Thanksgiving related and that the fact that I've skipped ahead a holiday season is totally fine.

Friday, November 18, 2011

10 Days Worth of Blessings

Oops on the daily challenge!

Here's 10 days of blessings in re-cap form:

1. I'm thankful for being so busy...
Yes, I didn't complete a daily challenge, but I'm thankful that I have things to do, places to be, and people to see.

2. I'm thankful for the cold spell...
Yes, its ...well.... COLD, but it makes me feel alive.

3.  I'm thankful for the ability to run...
When I encountered a vicious gang... of raccoons last night, I was so glad I could run..... I'm sure they were chasing me!

4. I am thankful for a BEAUTIFUL husband...
He loves me and puts up with me and respects me and encourages me and supports me and genuinely wants our little family to be happy.

5. I am thankful for music...
Every hour when the church bell chimes the time, followed by an old hymn, I'm thankful for music.  When I need to sing or hear a song, I'm grateful for sound.

6. I'm thankful for visitors...
Enough said.

7. I am thankful for real, lasting friendships...
My sould friends are my inspiration so often.

8. I am thankful for knowledge....
I love having an education and am so grateful I've had the opportunities to get one.

9. I am thankful for my home....
I love my home. Its close to dream.

10. I am thankful for my family....
They are patient and kind.

Monday, November 7, 2011

November 7...Talents

Today, I am thankful for my talents and the desire I have to strengthen these talents.

Today I'm sharing a how to video....

How to Make a Bread Cornucopia

What a DELICIOUS (and actually not to difficult) centerpiece!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

November 6... Free to Believe

Today I am thankful to live in a place where I am free to believe and worship whatever and whomever I want.  

I recently was reading a news article about a group of female Saints in the Middle East.  Understandably, they are forced to meet in secret and live almost duel lives or risk death.  I was contemplating their situation and obvious strength.... 
No Christian missionaries have been allowed in their country, their internet and news is highly censored, they, as women, have had little access to schooling...
yet, they've found the gospel and cling to it daily.

I feel so blessed that I don't have to do this.  Would I even know where to look for truths if I was "trapped" in such oppression?! 

So today, I'm thankful that I'm free to believe.

One thing I've seen done a lot is a Thanksgiving Tree:

Here the branch was spray painted white before the leaves of thanks were placed on them.  What a cute, simple idea for an entry way/foyer.  Guests could "sign in" so to speak by sharing a blessing on an Autumn leaf before over-indulging in the feast.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

November 5....Good Eats

Today I am thankful for delicious and rich food.

Fact #798 about me: I LOVE good food... Today I made this:
 I made it up as I was going, but seriously, it is so good.

2 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
Fresh Spinach
Frozen Peas
Sour Cream
Goat Cheese
Egg Noodles
Cream of Mushroom Soup

Mix and Cook.

Seriously, Yummy

Friday, November 4, 2011

November 4th....Variety

Today, I am thankful to live in an area with so much variety.

I live in a gorgeous historic district of a pretty metropolitan area.... My little town is wedged between two hills, so, when I'm here, it feels as though this is it.... My town is all that exists..... but,, just up the hill either way is more town--modern and diverse.  I'm about 10 minutes from the city one way, 10 minutes from country the other way. 

And so, today, I'm thankful for variety.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving and noticing its hard to find Art and Decor for the season (most fall stuff has been replaced with Christmas goodies~ I'm not complaining)

I made this:
On a scrap of burlap, I stamped out the definition from my dictionary..... All it needs is a frame...

What an easy idea to replicate (yeah, thank you Pinterest!)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

November 3rd....Chilly, Sunny Days

Today I am thankful for sunny days that still chill my bones!

Today is a glorious Autumn day.... the sun is shining through the multi-toned leaves (yes, Michigan friends, we still have leaves out here!), the air is crisp and chill, and I'm wearing my wool socks (more on that this weekend!)  I love days like today! 

Weather such as this makes it hard for me to be glum or blue.  This is the kind of day my mommy would take me out to the Lake and we'd listen to the music of the waves and the breeze in the branches.  Nostalgia brings me joy, not sadness... and though, especially on days like this, I miss my mama, I'm thankful for the weather that brings such positive memories and joy.

And so, today, this is my blessing.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November 2nd.... Work Ethic

Today, I am thankful for a good work ethic.

My calling in my church is with the Activity Day Girls.... tonight, in lieu of the Hallowe'en party we'd originally planned (which was replaced with the Ward's Trunk or Treat), we had a Monster Mash. (yeah, it was pretty much amazing... and I am saving the pictures for a later post.... remember this whole month is about Thanksgiving!)  Anyway, Ky and I set up ahead of time and made some amazing carnival games for the girls.  When it was over, one by one the girls' parents came for them and they left.  No one offered to help clean up (not that I wanted them to clean everything up, but I was shocked that no parents encouraged their young lady to help)!  I was alone cleaning up, mentally complaining of the lack of work ethic these parents were teaching their children when one of my girls came in with a vacuum and just started cleaning.  "EJ," I said, "what's up?"  Her reply, "I'm helping you."  And, she did.  I was so impressed by her work ethic.  And so, today, that is my blessing I am thankful for.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Continuing my daily blogging challenge into November.....
November is going do be a daily accounting of blessings; things I'm thankful for. 
I know, I know....we're all sarcastically thinking, "Oh, How original!"
But, do we really do this.... EVER?
Do we think of and take into account our blessings, daily?
Do we even recognize all the fortune we really have?

 ...Now, along with the daily blessings, there'll be a tip, recipe, or decoration for making your Thanksgiving memorable and wonderful.