Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bon Nuit

There's still a left field, brimming with retro relish and archives of memories. 
Most people stumble out of the box on accident, maybe while searching for the Dunkin Donuts or Papa John's. 
But then, there's the the strange birds, like me, who seek  out the whistle stops. 
Route 66 is a fail-safe, goof-proof course for finding these out-dated heart breakers!
The Wigwam Motel (outside Holbrook, AZ) is the highway's answer to the need for a goodnight sleep (and a dictionary... I'm sure the guy who constructed these thought, "wigwam.... tipi.... same thing!")

**Did you know that this Wigwam motel is one of seven villages that were built; and one of the only three that remain? 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Escaping Tchotchke

Now, I love sparkly and shiny just as much as the next girl.... but, I think its time this is said:
There's too much glitter in the world!

(I'm, of course, imagining an audible gasp from this audience and someone looking on in disgust, "she did not...")

Now, lest you hate me forever (there's some who would, I'm sure of it), let me just fill you in on how working a holiday gig in retail alongside my career path as a teacher has spoiled glitter for me...
Glitter has become, to me, like a wannabe usurper whose evil plot is to take over the world.  Its inescapable! 
Especially with the 'tweener holidays (like Valentine's), I feel there's no where to go but straight to shimmer town!

So as cute as these glitzy hearts are, this year I'm desperately trying to escape tchotchke for Valentine's Day!
Clearly not avoiding cheesy, I went to the craft store and played nice with the different style letters to have a word fashion show.  "L" is wrapped in cream coloured yarn, "O" is in her birthday suit (because she's beautiful the way she is!), "V" is sporting some glued on wood-grain wrapping paper, and "E" just was dipped in some white acryllic.
I left my favourite white porcelin deer out to remind everyone around me that I'm currently on an antlered animal kick.
I strung some white heart doilies (that I couldn't resist spraying with tea stain) on the yarn for a bunting and feel  pleased with my simple welcome to ol' Cupid ... and with finding a new way to be festive with words.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Llama Mama

Remember how much I love sheep?
Well, second only to the more springy wool wearers, is my fascination with llamas. 
Afterall, they are basically the sheep's grumpy uncle!
(actually, llamas are from the camel family and if they are raised properly, are very friendly)
There's a wonderful llama (and alpaca) farm nearby, nice enough to let me get all up in their wooly monster's grills.
With what willing pack animals these balls-of-yarn are,
 I might be needing one as a new hiking buddy...
So. Much. Wool.
No one spat at me.  But I'd like to think that if they did...... I'd spit right back.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Searching for a Sign

There was a time that I thought great entertainment was clicking photos of weird or inappropriate church signs that I stumbled upon along my journey....
Those times that I've felt such compulsion to photog these signs, I envision a snow-haired fossil of a man carefully placing each letter into these signs, either oblivious to the absurdity he's created or slightly jaded at the lack of recognition he receives, despite being a veteran in the road-side sign game!
At that time, I thought, this is just too..... ironic or bizarre or hypocritical..... not to make a Kodak moment out of it.....
The last "that time" was yesterday.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Its an Egg Kinda Night

We're total food geeks.
Yet we totally love simple every day food, too.

Poached Egg Croquettes and Salad 

What you'll need:
a couple poached eggs
some bread (I used a baguette)
cream cheese
a spoon or so of orange marmalade
some parsley
a teeny bit chilli powder

1. Toast the bread.
2. Whip the cream cheese, orange marmalade, chilli powder, and parsley together. Spread this on  the bread.
3. Top with the egg and eat it with your favourite salad .

For my salad, I tossed apple slices with field greens and a little balsamic.
Voltaire said, "Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity." 
Well said, frenchy, well said.  

Friday, January 18, 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mother Road

The historic Route 66 is like paradise for a wanderer, such as myself, and has been since the 1920's.  You see, nowadays, Route 66 is about escaping the hum drum of interstates and disvovering America--- the America with road-side diners open 24 hours, neon motel signs, and true gritty biker bars. 

Route 66 deliberately sways and twists, hunting America's Main Streets instead of bypassing them.   Just like a paved East-West artery, Route 66 seeks out the hearts of the small towns in its path, offering life changing road trips for all the gypsies who "listen to the old tip".

I think that Route 66 and its funky diners and motels and oddity stops embodies the American roadtrip.

So, if you ever plan to motor west, take my way, the highway that is best.
(Cadillac Ranch, Route 66, Amarillo, TX)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Have You Any Wool?

I'm a fan of random facts. So, in honour of random facts everywhere, here's another one about me:
I love sheep. One of my secret (and now not-so-secret) dreams is to own some sheep in my own little mountain-man-esque-boho-farm-of-sorts. 
Last year, we took a short sheep shearing course; the year before that an old fashioned wool-spinning one.  (Oh, we're serious about sheep. and llamas. but mostly sheep)

Building Eutopia was a shared vision with some close friends, though, with many parts (the sheep being mine).  We'd talk about our plans to build these castles in the sky many nights over whatever we'd concocted.  But then we just stopped talking about it.  Its as though talking about it was what was making the fancy into reality. 

When we stop talking about our dreams, do they die or just lay still, waiting for us to wake them up?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Glamour Shots

The way I see it....someone took the time and energy to make these things, it'd be kind of rude to not stop at every one I see to pose for a quick memory.

A random recommendation from me to you~ stop for the little things, look silly, and smile.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm a Lumberjack

So, I'm a Yooper. When I was still there,  I didn't realize what a sense of pride I carried in that title. 
Now, unless you can point to your hometown on your hand, you probably have no clue as to what I'm speaking of. 
I'm talking about God's Country, Lumberjack Land, the  Great North.
The Upper Peninsula of Michigan-- a forgotten and secluded wonder-- that most people in the rest of the country don't even know exists.  We have a hodgepodge accent our own language; a balanced meal consists of beer, pasties, and fudge our own delicacies; wear red long johns and shoot muskets off the back porch our own culture.  We call ourselves Yoopers.
We're home to the World's Largest Chain Saw. (in Ishpeming)

"It's Christmas all year round" (in Christmas)

We know the Hiawatha whose sole namesake is  random state parks throughout the midwest. (in Ironwood)

Tall tales were built here, by the tall man (& his blue ox) who built our towns (Paul Bunyan in Manistique....and St. Ignace)

We dine with animals..... (in da Soo)

and warn you who not to feed (Porcupine Mountains)

I dropped part of my heart last time I was home and think I'm fine letting the U.P. keep it.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Whistle Stops Along the Way

I love small town diners known for their greasy burgers and excellent milkshakes.   I'll drive an old highway with its legions of pit stops and old Main Streets any day over the quicker expressways void of quirky villages and pieces of our obscure culture!
 I'm that person who brakes for the World's Bests and Biggests.  I'm that girl who will take the extra hour or so to go sit in a giant rocking chair and I always try the World's Greatest Pancakes (even if they are usually less than mediocre). 
I was the one here in Darwin, Minnesota staring up at the World's Largest Ball of Twine, satisfied with the oddity that is America.
That was me.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Full Tank of Gas

Its so easy to get caught in the routine of get up - work- come home and sit, day after day. 
That routine is good, its natural, it can be joy....

But, to do the same routine every. single. day. is sentencing myself to a long, slow, painful death, really. The world is grand.  There are things to see, places to taste, feelings to absorb.  A full tank of gas is a thrill.  It means we can go!

Since reality is that I don't have the funds to hop in my Winnebago and just spend my days en route to wherever the wind blows,  day or weekend mini holidays are our travel lust's oxygen. 

Do a quick internet search of towns or attractions that are within an hour (or two) drive of you. No matter where you are, there's something to see nearby. 

 We made a list of all the places near us: resturaunts that sounded amazing, museums or roadside oddities, cities, olde town wherevers....all within driving distance from us (including the ones in our town!)   We included how much certain things cost (like museums or tours of historic places) and the distance (so we can figure in cost of gas, etc.)  so that the weeks when we're feeling like paupers we can pack a sandwich and pick a freebie off the list. 
As we go, we cross that place off our list; as we learn of new places, we add it.
I'm a list nerd.... I have this list next to our "Things We Wanna Do-- I Refuse to Call it a Bucket List" list.  My wandering bag always  has my camera and a notebook in it so that we can remember where we've been and what world we've chosen to see.

Where can a full tank of gas get you?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Place on the Map

Its been two plus years since we moved from our mid-Michigan comfort zone. People still ask us, “Why’d you move here?”And to that I’m always torn: Do I tell them the truth or do I tell them what they’re expecting to hear?
Everyone wants to hear the answer, work—work is why we moved.

But that’s not our answer.

The truth is—we were simply ready for a change; a chance to refresh. I had just been offered a full time teaching position for the next year, we’d found a darling little home with a big lot in our price range, and we were comfortable. But, we decided that we wanted to try comfort elsewhere…. So, we pointed to a map.

Yep—that’s right, we pointed to a map  
We landed on a little dot near DC and laughed to read the place fate had determined we'd be moving was a town some close friends had ventured to the year before.  So, we found a job, an apartment, packed up and left.
So here's the current dilemma..... we love it here, love our apartment, are content with our jobs.... yet, the familiar wanderlust has set in...

So  today I'm thinking...
 where to?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Let's Be Real

This blog has had almost as much work done as Joan Rivers........
and, again, not dissimilar from the Gossippy old hag, most people (namely me) have given up on it.... more than once.

But like any bad romantic comedy, I just don't know how to (or when to) quit...

And so, when the Mayan Calendar (and mine for that matter) ended, I did what most people did and bought a new one.  That means its 2013 and, subsequently time for resolutions.  But, again, there's a small problem-I don't resolve.  I just don't.  Geminis can't resolve- its against our nature of changing our mind.  So instead I've made some goals (which, lets face it--is just a semantically more pleasing *to me* way of saying Resolutions).  One of my 2013 goals is to resume regular journaling.... and part of that goal is to re-introduce myself to this blogging world. 

Recycling the old idea , old name, and domain, here is the new thought-- the new blog.
My Wanderlust Wishlist

A strong, innate desire to rove or travel about;  Intense urge to collect, explore and create; a yearning for knowledge and understanding. 

And that is essentially who I am-  a gemini consumed with wanderlust.

This haphazard hodgepodge is going to be the map  of my fancies; whatever is striking me at the moment.