Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fast Approaching

Summer Vacation (& End of this Era) in 15 [school] days and 45 minutes....
not that I'm counting.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Good Morning, Baltimore!

So, yes, the Wanderer  wants to go.  The Shepherd wants to find Eutopia and settle.  But I just keep finding....
Reasons to love Baltimore:
The Kinetic Sculpture Race.
***I didn't talk about this before because after we saw them, I didn't follow the sculptures...It was the same kick-off date as the Sheep Wool Festival and.... lets face it... baaa!
The Kinetic Scupture Race is, for people who don't know, ridiculous to look at and completely amazing for the scientists and engineers. The American Visionary Art Museum houses some of these man-powered all terrainers in one of its buildings all year round.

 Greek Fest
*** These pics are from last year, but my tummy is growling just thinking about the spanikopita and baklava...Counting down until June. Opa!

Hon Fest
*** Again, photos from Hons past, but seriously how is it not amazing that everyone looks like they're in drag?!

Friday, May 17, 2013

All that Merrymaking

Random Fact:  This is what I'd consider revoking my professional license for...

**For the Activity Days I help run for girls, I threw a carnival-eque party this past Wednesday. 
Its funny, I mentioned to my friend there that I really truly enjoy the planning and setting up for a party. The actual party part... not as fun ~ for me~ as the decorating.  In Michigan, I had a true partner in crime for these type of things.  We had a rhythm.  The kind that had us... at 2 am... driving through town with large trees sticking out of the back seat window for a last minute entry decoration.  The rhythm has a different beat without this soul sister near (HINT HINT)... but I think I still have a bit of a rhythm!  Of course, I'm so thankful to have a friend in this position with me who is fabulous.  My partner in these Activities is wonderful and precise and doesn't wander around the room doing a bit here and there like I do.

**I found the canvas poster (in the entryway) at Pier 1.... on clearance.... plus a discount!

*** Regular and flavoured popcorn, goldfish (in lieu of a gold-fish game), animal crackers, frozen grapes, and of course corn dogs to feed the carnival theme. (see what I did there?).  This was aong with the Build a Cupcake Bar  (Marlise is so wonderful and made all these cupcakes and flavour mixed icings!)

***Of course there was a hilarious photo booth.  
***And games.   (I didn't think to get a photo of the baloons pre-dart, but the wreckage is proof that it was fun.  The hoops were set up to toss a lion through.  The 'Kissing Booth' winner went home with a gazillion Hershey Kisses.   And the Punch-a-Prize board I've been planning on doing finally happened!)
So even though the setting up part is the most fun for me, I had to get in on the silly poses.

I wonder... if I could combine this delight with wandering?  I need a trapeez artist and a juggler-- then I'll have my own traveling circus.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Sunday Drives

"You may give me gray hairs before my time. I'll be happy just sitting on the passenger's side. 'Cause I live for you and me and that lonely drive."

Just a random drive north, landing us in Gettysburg, again.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wooly, Wooly, What's His Name

Sheep are ubiquitous to all cultures and people.  Perhaps that's why all religion's texts or teachings make some reference to them.  Whether we are encouraged to be meek like lambs, follow our God like sheep follow a shepherd, be like a shepherd to other people, or we read about the Good Shepherd going like a lamb to the slaughter, these wooly wonders are something all people from all corners can relate to and comprehend. The universality of spirituality can be seen so easily with the universality of sheep.
Our festival season kicks off the first weekend of every May with the Sheep & Wool Festival.  Honoring my coded deal to take over the sheep portion of our Eutopian farm (What am I talking about?), every year I learn something about the (more than 1,000) breeds,  raising, shearing, herding sheep.  Whereas most people are there to pet the bleeters like a county fair, or to get wool for their knitting projects, our favourite part of the festival is meeting the shepherds, practicing shearing and spinning, and finding leads on the next, new place to explore in search of our ultimate mountain-man goal.
I can think of a friend who'd be in 7th heaven with all this pure, organically dyed yarn
Maybe the more we talk about our dream, the closer we'll become to grabbing it.
(All photos snapped Saturday at the Sheep & Wool Festival of MD)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I'm Enchanted

I love when cities keep run down remnants of memories. 

This Enchanted Forest used to be the place from what the townies tell me....  now, the king points the way to a marketplace and the dragon watches over a farm and sheep just out of town.

(The Enchanted Forest; shopping center and Clarke Elliott Farm)