Friday, December 26, 2014

Sugar, Holly, & Mistletoe

'Tis the season to be jolly... and explore...
Its been a nearly perfect holiday affair.  Aside from no snow, its been full of childhood memories and new, fanciful dreams. 
Lucky to go to the Nutcracker Suite with the dude, 
experiment with ugly sweaters (and cookies),  
relaxing in front of the tree on Christmas Night after pausing under a mistletoe. 
having a Wonderful Life, through retro-fied magic 
theatre strolls and fancy light shows. 

 As the year closes, we reassess, re-vamp, and recreate.  Here's to dancing in the street and enjoying love!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Of Candle Crowns & Ivy Strings

'Tis the season to make buns....
Fa la la la la la la la la 
Buttery Saffron, Cardamom, and Cloves waft from the kitchen & warm our chilly morning.

Dancers and bazaars  and candles...

Fa la la la la la la la la 
The House of Sweden & The Order honouring St. Lucy with dance and shows.

Wax Covered Hair and Child-like anticipation... 

Fa La La La La La La La La
The Procession, Songs, and Readings share memories with a piece of my soul.

And Now for our Know-It-All Segment: 
"Just so you know...."
Sweden & all of Scandinavia, really, is overwhelmingly Lutheran and  St. Lucia is one of the only Saints celebrated.  The celebrations through the North Countries meld traditional religion (pre-Christian/Viking) and Christianity, with many symbols now revolving around the Trinity.  The Lucia we revere nowadays is of Sicily, but there are legends of a candle wearing, Viking do-gooder,  Lussi. 
As the story goes, Lucy converted to Christianity once an angel visited her at a shrine, where Lucy was seeking help for her widowed mother and the medical conditions plaguing her family.  As any story regarding Rome in the middle ages, Lucy was martyred  for refusing to compromise her virginity. 

As for the candles on the head, dripping hot wax onto the hair, only to be painstakingly picked out that night? 
Rumor has it Lucy was hiding Christians in the catacombs to keep them safe from the Roman soldiers.  She fashioned the candle crown simply to light the way and keep her hands free,  bringing everyone goodness and light. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

A Boutique and Brunch

Instead of slip sliding away, this weekend I embraced my other passion of organizing and decorating.  We turned our flat into  a craft boutique for the day.

snowy window panes 
Its my own little Christmas village 

With ladders of knit 

and creatures from Appalachian Bark 
holly and evergreens.... 

Felt and Ribbons... 

Jewels and Gingerbread 

Hello Dollies and Lil' Pennies. 

Now to pack up and drive... where to, where to? 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Farewell to October

My favourite month has gone too quickly and I'm still dreaming of mountain hikes, crunching leaves, and tart apples swirled with rich caramel.  
Taking photos on my walks, pretending I know what I'm doing with this camera.  (No filters, needed, the leaves are pretty enough.)

For a Day after Hallowe'en ...erm....adventure, I pretended to tunnel to the center of the Earth whilst the guy invented a flying machine.  We traveled back to the future for a Steampunk Danse McAbre. 

We learned two things during this adventure: 
1. Some people have a pair of hooves laying around... 
2. We're not too steampunk. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Walks through Williamsburg

Pretending to be a photog in Williamsburg ...

Downriver & Up a Creek

Peeking back in history and, although replicated, Jamestown Settlement is well worth the stroll. Knowing that my feet were planted in the same soil  where some of my ancestors planted their new lives was serene. Jamestown's museum and historical area did a nice job sharing the truths of the trials of life there.  Seriously impressed by the area. 
Of course, Kyle had to test out this ensemble.   I think he looks dashing. 
Sailing the Seven Seas with some high masts. 
See if you can find me in the picture... I'm sneaky ala Where's Waldo? 

Getting preachy with it in the Settlement's Chapel. 
Within the fort's walls. 
Photo lenses and thatched roofs. 

Of Buckskins & Carved Faces

Fall is for exploring. 
At the Powhatan Village in Virginia, we were the ones tanning the hide (say that without laughing), and weaving the nets;  
exploring the yehakins; 
using the shells to dig out a canoe; 
and making friends with carved faces. 

Those two weirdos disappointed that no one working said village were actually from the tribe... that was us.  We were the ones questioning authenticity of everything, but loving every minute of it. 
***Powhatan Village in Jamestown Settlement***

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Of Flowers & Fruit

I'm the one relishing in the chillier weather, apple picking, and late bloomers. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lots of Pencils & Dirty Looks

Despite the wicked heat lying and saying that it is nearing mid-summer, it is a new season.... back to school season.   While I definitely am passionate about education, I am completely unready to be back in one time zone.  Hence this year's theme.... "Learning Takes You Places."

The pictures were taken a couple weeks ago before the littles came.
So, yes, I am aware that the room isn't as important as instruction, but..... well.... yeah, whatever.  
*Class Library waiting to be explored*

*The organization station's new rules* 
*Yoga Center & a Spot in the Research Zone* 
*The writing zone* 
*Waiting for the littles to arrive* 

Bring it on 2014/15, bring it on.
(& yeah... the days off, 3 day weekends, & breaks have already been highlighted on the calendar) 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Art of the Art Deco

I truly have a lot of obsessions loves:  wooled creatures, urban homesteading, traveling, decorating, food revolution, food in general, art deco anything, abandoned amusement parks, and pretending I'm a photog.  

This is Glen Echo Park (near D.C.)
Re-opened as an event destination (p.s. AWESOME use of local history and space), Glen Echo Park time warps visitors back to the era of swingin' jazz, mary janes, and pop style. 
The carousel  has been re-furbished and, apparently is the perfect spot for local wedding pictures. 
The amusement park's museum and buildings sing songs of the decades  before. 
Details of politically incorrect and lovely kitsch.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hop On Hop Off

Meanwhile in Baltimore...
This is the silliest and most amazing crosswalk I've ever hopped across.
and a new, fun, jungle-gym-like bus stop.  If I hashtagged, I'd be putting #revitalizationefforts.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tearin' Up the Soo

Perfect summer trips include going back to the North Country.  
(I spent most of my days at home with family, but there was a second to Tear up the Soo.... yes, this is an inside joke which will always make me laugh.)

Meet my hometown. 
See that little white church, which is now used for the theatre guild?  That steeple is there courtesy of my grandpa's carpentry skills and was the steeple under which all the Svenska people, like my kinfolk, gathered. 
Breaths of fresh air and blue skies over the rivers and lakes mingle with the heavy (and delicious) aroma of the drive ins.  
"And when I had nothing else to do, I spent my weekends tearin' up the Soo." 

Signs of my past... Fudgie lane and the defunct Haunted Depot. 

Summers in da Soo, seeing my life-long pal, and the wagging of puppy tails make me think I could make that my home again...  thoughts to ponder.