Sunday, February 23, 2014

Adding to the Wishlist

The news has instilled such a sense of fear in so many of us. The stamps in our passport and memories of such sights often doesn't seem worth the risks of getting on that plane to the unknown.  We see so much fighting and hatred, foreclosures and despair that  we are ignorant to the beauty and hope that is still saturating our essence.  

My friend posted photos of his current home as he studies abroad in Jerusalem.  
With history and spirituality in every step and moment, his imagery has inspired additions to my Wanderlust Wishlist~ the places that I have been convinced not to explore and discover. 
All pictures are from my friend Andrew... he has some mad photography skills... I'm thinking National Geographic!
We always dream of when we retire we'll go here or there, neglecting the fact that by then we might be too tired. (Without downplaying the need to save, I echo the sentiments below.  Adding to my 2014 theme of adventure:  JUST GO!)

 "We are but here for this short time, come what may.  We are alive, yet often seek a life that is so scared and bleak.  We live by breath, but rarely live.  Monotony will be the death of me!"

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pyramid Scheme

I am the one beckoning all her friends to a pun war~

(And now an excerpt from the classic comedy, Pancakes for Breakfast)
Me: I was pretty FLIPpant while making pancakes today. 
She: I see what you did there.  You're kind of a big DILL aren't you. 
Me:  Game on, girl, game on. You BUTTER be careful in a pun war with me!  I'm pretty EGGcelent at it. 
She:  Boo, Kiki, boo.  You can do a LATTE better than egg-celent!
Me:  Wow!  I feel aSALTed. 
She:  Now, now. I wasn't jalapeƱo business. 
Me:  Ok, ok.   Maybe I had a moment of jealousy thinking you had BEAT me in this pun war!
She: No jealousy, allowed... you know you're RADISHing. 
Me: You must be YOKING.  Oh!  For some RAISIN, I was thinking this Saturday was their sale, btw. 
She: Ooooh!  Maybe we can all MEAT up.  I think we should KETCHUP. 
Me:   And you booed my EGGcelent?    I know this NACHO typical scenario, but really? 

Yep... and this is what I come home to.... regularly. 
Kyle's lovely focaccia bread from the other day. 

(My favourite food group is ... Carbs. Maybe my food pyramid is a bit skewed?) 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Throwing Stones

I've had an on again off again affair with this cold and flu season.  The roads have had an on again affair with ice.  So essentially, the past few weeks, I've only been adventuring  in my daydreams.  Refusing to give up on 2014's theme, we have been getting tickets and reservations for the upcoming warmer seasons. But, last night...

We were the ones watching the two actors portray a slew of different characters in Stones in His Pockets.
At Center Stage Theatre in Baltimore 
(taking over an old church and Catholic School, I couldn't help fall in love with the church windowed Walls, buying drinks in a chapel, and peeling plaster.  Did you know that many states have a state theatre?  Center Stage is Maryland's, for good reason!  These two actors were wildly imaginative and convincing.)

I was the one sneaking the blondie back into my 'tower' seat after intermission, loving the tap my 1960's MaryJanes made on the planks. That person stalking the halls, searching for the history in the architecture, that was me.   

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

By Pen and By Ink

Essentially, all a blog stands to be is a  {typically themed} log, a memoir, a review;  a journal. And as humdrum as it may sound, I consider journaling basically consecrated.  Its plain talk that diaries are often utter crap~ a tabloid of our own tunnel vision.  Notwithstanding, journals can shout truths that history books often only whisper, if not whitewash all together, creating a gospel of humanity, of deity, of impulses and livelihoods.  

This little corner of the interwebs I claim is just a small extension of my journaling; a segment of my life I can share with those far away and some who've decided to try find a commonality with another soul.  Sometimes I think of posting.  Often times I don't.  I've randomly gained (literally) hundreds of followers during my frequent writing; I've lost (literally) hundreds of followers (when I don't share for awhile, or post something REAL, something meaningful to me, something spiritual)

Today I will share some of my journaled thoughts, by pen and by ink.

As a reply, of sorts, to book club, a handful of beautiful, soulful, real women and I have started 'Journal Club', an excuse to snack and chat.... and a reminder  to record our life, our thoughts, our essence.... at least once monthly, if not more regularly. 
"Get a notebook, a journal that will last through all time, and maybe the angels may quote from it for eternity."  S.W.Kimball