Saturday, October 4, 2014

Walks through Williamsburg

Pretending to be a photog in Williamsburg ...

Downriver & Up a Creek

Peeking back in history and, although replicated, Jamestown Settlement is well worth the stroll. Knowing that my feet were planted in the same soil  where some of my ancestors planted their new lives was serene. Jamestown's museum and historical area did a nice job sharing the truths of the trials of life there.  Seriously impressed by the area. 
Of course, Kyle had to test out this ensemble.   I think he looks dashing. 
Sailing the Seven Seas with some high masts. 
See if you can find me in the picture... I'm sneaky ala Where's Waldo? 

Getting preachy with it in the Settlement's Chapel. 
Within the fort's walls. 
Photo lenses and thatched roofs. 

Of Buckskins & Carved Faces

Fall is for exploring. 
At the Powhatan Village in Virginia, we were the ones tanning the hide (say that without laughing), and weaving the nets;  
exploring the yehakins; 
using the shells to dig out a canoe; 
and making friends with carved faces. 

Those two weirdos disappointed that no one working said village were actually from the tribe... that was us.  We were the ones questioning authenticity of everything, but loving every minute of it. 
***Powhatan Village in Jamestown Settlement***