Monday, December 28, 2015

Cobblestones & Grey Skies

Just a walk around town...

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmastown.... Closeups of our Holiday Cheer

Happy Christmas!

How They'll Pay the Electric Bill is the Real Miracle

This is 34th street in Baltimore. 
They call this 'The Miracle on 34th Street'. 
There's an obscene amount of lights on 34th street.  
Although a lot of fun, I think the real miracle is that they can pay the energy bill. 

An Un-Wintery Winter Walk

Kensington's Festival of Lights at the DC Temple is always a magical stroll.  
 Along with the array of shimmery lights, the grounds are open to the public with the life-size crèche, concerts, and exhibitions. 
The temple's lights and visitor center's music builds the Christmas spirit despite the muddy, rainy week. 

2 Braids and Long Socks

My newest addition to the Swedish family:

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Under the Brightest Star

One of my favourite things about the holidays in DC is the "Around the World" nativity exhibit.  
Hundreds of  crèches proudly displayed as the tranquil tunes seeped out of the theatre, reminded me of the total ubiquity of the season. The interpretations of the manger scene and a baby Jesus differ greatly from culture to culture but the love and effort to create each unique artifact is the same.   
So, whether Jesus is your truth and spiritual path (He's mine), we hope the peace and love of the season find you under your brightest star. 

Friday, December 18, 2015

Lack of Posts and Something Real

REAL:   I blog and journal because its a relaxing way to keep record.  I don't do it for others, though the blog is open to read. 
LACK OF POSTS:   Life is busy and I've not been in the mood. 

Trying to rekindle the recording bug.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Last of Summer's Sweets?

Is this our final harvest? 
REAL FOOD..... oh .... and we grew this. 

What's the deal with all the we grew this posts?  Its a movement.  We've joined. 
We believe that we are entitled to real food, free of chemicals and modification. We believe that we have the right to grow whatever seeds we choose.  This is our civil disobedience~ to exercise our right to food we trust. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


We grew these.

A couple pictures from a couple weeks ago of a couple lovelies that made us happy. 

Of Castles & Minerals

We're the people who will take the exit that says, "George Washington's Bathtub this way" simply because... well... George Washington's bathtub!!
After speeding through rusted-out car villages, scared that the Dukes of Hazard were going to chase us with their stars and bars waving proudly, we were quite surprised to land in Berkley Springs, West Virginia.  Along with the Normand-style castle here, the pagans and free birds have nested, next to a bubbling spring, said to heal people for generations.
While still a surveyor, a young George Washington took his ailing brother to the springs long revered by the First Nation.  This "bathtub" is said to be the same one, or like the one he bathed in. 
The New Age Esoteric shops and hot spots sidle up next to an old gas station which boasts that they sell, "Hot Dogs Here". 

Of Weekend Mountains

After some unexpected twists & turns, we decided to travel a road with many turns & twists, ending up in the heart of northern Appalachia. 
I encountered a very handsome Yeti on one of my hikes.... he looks rather a lot like my guy...
Black bears and board games fill rainy nights. 
While hiking our 15 miler on Day 2, we stumbled upon the Farifax Stone,  signalling the head of the Potomac River.  
It was 10 miles up the mountain to reach the Fire Tower with the hopping toads, prancing stags, and barred owl. 
Rainy feet  warmed by the fire... top 5 feelings
When one stumbles upon a series of rocks, one climbs...

Through our hikes through the forest & local book stores, I learned of the guy's infatuation with fungus! :) 
Sunbeams hitting our face as we find hidden falls great summation of the weekend. 

Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer's Flora

We grew these. 
Vibrant and happy. 
Perfect weather for my Hibiscus (gift from colleague for birthday.)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

10 Square Miles Surrounded by Reality

Meanwhile in Ithaca....
...Along with the many galleries, studios, and shoppes,  Ithaca's Artist culture is well represented through the dozens of murals lining the town's streets. 

...Heading on NY-13 from the countryside, a big small town peeks out from the forest's treetops and Catskill heights.  
I know, my pictures don't do the striking view justice. But, trust, we both gasped as we turned the bend. 
...Roads are bricked over to create the Commons, quaint and original shops buzz, and random musicians choose their bench to play from. 

...One of  the USA's Top 8 Farmers' Markets quietly stands on the south shore of Lake Cayuga. 
The bohemian flair and street market vibe at Steamboat Landing is an idyllic Saturday morning, 
with 100% Organic produce (GMO anything need not apply), this town makes it easy to be a Vege, 
or composter.... anything pruchased here (napkins, forks, plates, cups not exluded) are compostable.  With only 3 small trash cans and dozens of recycling and composting bins, Mother Earth is more important than a discount at Sam's Club. 

...Just outside of town, nestled in between civilization and wild wonderland, is a lovely "tiny house" community, inspiring us to minimize. 

...While the mountainside is peppered with artisians and free spirited folks, the countryside with organic farms and quaint villages, the hilltop belongs to the Ivy League.  
Hogwarts.....erm.... I mean Cornell is truly the prettiest University I've seen. 

Random protestors, free smiles, and pictures that take themselves.... its easy to see why Ithaca is 10 Square Miles Surrounded by Reality. 

Maybe I'm just a little Cheesy myself

Why yes, yes, we did drive an extra ways out of our way to go to the Cheese Fest.  And no, no I don't regret it one. little. bit. 
Conversation with random guy at festival: 
Him (with a believably disgusted look on his face): "This festival is just too cheesy."
Me: **groan**
Him : "You know its only a couple months until the corn fest.  That is a lot like this. You know, real corny."
Me:  " Ha ha.  You are just very punny, aren't you."
Him.... beaming from ear to ear.

Get Down Eat Up

...Meanwhile in Syracuse...
Yes, we are the ones who drive 6 hours for a waffle...

& stumble upon an arts festival. 

Syracuse is making a come back, but would prefer if you don't call it a come back. They've been here before. 

Grandiose Gardens

Just a glimpse into my not-so-grandiose garden.... wall sitter edition. 
Gah. I love summer.

In the Stocks

Got caught cheating.... 
at mini golf. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Karmic Dreams and Trippy Hikes

Festival season just got a lot  trippier.  We were the ones hooping on the edge of the woods, watching the ribbon dancers, crystal healers, and dreamweavers.  
KarmaFest was chock-full of barefeet, soft words, and Tibetan singing bowls. 
We were the ones laying out our yoga mats to join the spontaneous sequences. 
...AND... we were the ones leaving when we ran into the burgundy cape clad lady... and her shoulder sitting pet raven.  
(cue Twilight Zone music)

It was a scene. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Up Up and Away She Goes

We've lived in this lovely little place for five years. Since we spend many weekends...well...gone, we had no idea that there is a hot air ballon mini fest just down the road.  So...  before our leaving town song came on (yes, we have an exit song),
we were the ones sneaking a parking spot to avoid taking a shuttle. 
Soaring into the Sunrise 
Patchwork from below 
A View from inside;  looking up through canvas windows. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Throwback Thursday.... Protector of the Kansas Streets

Sometime ago, we were the ones stopping to find a hole-in-the-wall diner and stumbled upon this guy behind one of the grates...
Apparently, the city has many of these underground trolls, peeking up through the roads...
just to envoke nightmares in passersby. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Paper Love: Are we still asking what the fox says?

I was the one swerving across three lanes on a highway I've never seen to follow the little neon sign that read, "Obscure Books."

Clearly, although you looked mighty angry, I can confidently say that I made the appropriate decision...
This is a book... based on a song.
The answer to the question is, "Woof."
A fox says, "Woof."