Saturday, April 11, 2015

Paper Love2: Kangaroo

Spring Break brought us spring snow adventures, family's laughs and love, and trips down memory lane.  I was delighted to find some old books. 
Captain Kangaroo's adventures are still as vibrant and silly as ever. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Burning Man...kinda

Meanwhile in the UP....
Mimicking the old Norse tradition of lighting fire to the last "snowman" and welcoming in spring, one of my old Universities  initates their own burning man.... kind of. 

Skiing through the Soo in the Spring

We were the ones opting for snowy spring break strolls instead of beachcomber bonanzas.
Though the sun shone down, the ice caves at Point Iroquois light house reminded us that in the North Country, spring  doesn't mean flowers and blossoms.

In a small town, tones of home echo more loudly. 

Reminiscing  and having an electrifying time. (That's funny, really! The bottom right is our town's power plant.)

Checking out the signs along the way. 

...and enjoying the fur babies!