Wednesday, September 23, 2015


We grew these.

A couple pictures from a couple weeks ago of a couple lovelies that made us happy. 

Of Castles & Minerals

We're the people who will take the exit that says, "George Washington's Bathtub this way" simply because... well... George Washington's bathtub!!
After speeding through rusted-out car villages, scared that the Dukes of Hazard were going to chase us with their stars and bars waving proudly, we were quite surprised to land in Berkley Springs, West Virginia.  Along with the Normand-style castle here, the pagans and free birds have nested, next to a bubbling spring, said to heal people for generations.
While still a surveyor, a young George Washington took his ailing brother to the springs long revered by the First Nation.  This "bathtub" is said to be the same one, or like the one he bathed in. 
The New Age Esoteric shops and hot spots sidle up next to an old gas station which boasts that they sell, "Hot Dogs Here". 

Of Weekend Mountains

After some unexpected twists & turns, we decided to travel a road with many turns & twists, ending up in the heart of northern Appalachia. 
I encountered a very handsome Yeti on one of my hikes.... he looks rather a lot like my guy...
Black bears and board games fill rainy nights. 
While hiking our 15 miler on Day 2, we stumbled upon the Farifax Stone,  signalling the head of the Potomac River.  
It was 10 miles up the mountain to reach the Fire Tower with the hopping toads, prancing stags, and barred owl. 
Rainy feet  warmed by the fire... top 5 feelings
When one stumbles upon a series of rocks, one climbs...

Through our hikes through the forest & local book stores, I learned of the guy's infatuation with fungus! :) 
Sunbeams hitting our face as we find hidden falls great summation of the weekend.